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Introducing Favourites. Find an exhibitor that takes your fancy and you would like to visit again for more information. You can set an exhibitor and save it to your favourites.

How to save an exhibitor to Favourites

To save an exhibitor to favourites you will need to visit their company stand first.

Located on the top right corner is a little Heart Flag Symbol. Click that to favourite this exhibitor and set it to your favourites.

Once it has been set it will go purple

Your Favourited Exhibitors will appear in your favourites section. Favourites can be found from your Main Menu.

How to remove an exhibitor from Favourites

To remove an exhibitor from favourites:

  • Go to your favourites area.

  • Find the Exhibitor you wish to remove

  • Hover over the exhibitor

  • Click on the bin located on the top left.

  • This should give you confirmation that it has been removed

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