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Updated: Feb 9

Your dashboard is one of the main areas on our platform. It is packed full of features to help you create a stunning Exhibitor Stand to wow your customers.

To get started here is a quick overview of your Dashboard Page

Learn how to access your Dashboard

Your Main Bar

These icons are your quick navigation to various areas of the site. These include (starting from the left)

Exhibitor Overview

We have provided a handy little setup window to assist you in setting up your profile and Stand. Once you have completed all these steps, the window will simply disappear.

Top Left is your Exhibit Stand Image. This will be updated by us if you choose to upload custom content for it. Learn how to do this

Your Profile is currently not visible, learn more - This may appear, to find out why, click here

Have a Look Around Yourself

We have given you access to have a look around yourself. You have all the same access as our customers. There are certain tools not available to you as you are a company, learn more

Your Analytics

We provide our exhibitors up to date analytics throughout the event. These are updated every 30 seconds to ensure that you have the most up to date information.

We have other areas that drive analytics, click to learn more

Enable and Disable Chat Functions

During our event, we will have an online live chat function where customers will be able to contact you to ask questions or if they have a query about your company. Sometimes we know that you may not be available 100% of the time so we give our Exhibitors the option to make themselves available or not available at any time.

To 'take a break' click the toggle switch and it will go red. Once you're ready to re-open, click it again it will go Green! It's that simple!

On top of Chat functions, we do offer the ability to provide an external email that they can contact. Learn more


This will show all unread conversations. Conversations are when customers have contacted you via the live chat feature.

To learn more about your inbox, click here

Reach Out

These are helpful tips to help get the most out of your stand. It also gives you access to our FAQs, Introduction Welcome Video, and Contact Page if you encounter a problem.

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