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Your conversation window differs from what a user is given access to. Your window provides you with an insight to the user to help break the ice in your conversation with them.

Understand your conversation window

on the left-hand side is the conversation message you are currently having with the user. you are indicated on the right hand of the window in grey and the user's replies are in green.

On the right-hand side of the conversation window is a variety of different options that will give you an insight into the user including:

Chat Information

  • Showing the original question

  • Assign this conversation to a team member

School Education

  • School they attend

  • The year group they are in

  • Location of their school

Future Study & Career Interests

Need Help?

Assigning a Team Member to this conversation

You can assign any conversation to specific team members or yourself throughout the event. This allows you to keep track of conversations you may have had, and prevent from a conversation being answered twice by two different users.

To assign yourself or a team member to this conversation:

  1. Using the dropdown find the team member to assign

  2. You can click assign to me

  3. Then click update

Once you have assigned yourself to a conversation you will be able to filter your name in the main inbox area and the conversations assigned to you will appear.

To filter the inbox to only show your assigned conversations:

  • Click the All Dropdown located next to the Active dropdown,

  • Either click assigned to me or find your name.

Need Help?

This is only to be used if you feel uncomfortable with a conversation. You have the ability to report a user to their school.

This should only be used if you feel the following:

  • The user has shifted the conversation about something inappropriate

  • The user is using offensive, discriminatory or racial language towards you

  • The user is showing signs of aggression or cause of concern

  • You feel concerned about safeguarding and would like the school to investigate

  • You do not feel comfortable about this conversation

The Reporting Process

To report a user you will be required to let the school know a little detail as to why you feel you need to report this user.

To report a user, follow these steps:

  1. Click Need Help

  2. Click Report this user to School

  3. Give a brief description as to why you wish to report user

  4. Click report button

Reporting a user does not stop the conversation thread. The school will investigate realtime your issue, if they feel that the conversation should end they have the right to block the conversation.

You can archive this conversation which closes the thread at any time, we do recommend that you let the school complete their investigation before you block the thread, as they can deal with the user after the event.

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