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As a school, you have access to a tool that allows exhibitors to report users for misbehaviour, cause of concern or using the conversation feature inappropriately.

This is a realtime system that works and lives within your School Overview Dashboard.

We highly recommend during the event that you have the School Overview Dashboard open at all times to ensure if any incident occurs it can be dealt with immediately.

Within this section we cover 3 areas:

  • How do you get notified of an issue?

  • How to deal with issues?

  • What does blocking a conversation means?

How do you get notified of an issue?

If an exhibitor reports one of your students to an issue, within your School Overview Dashboard you will be instantly notified by your page updating instantly and scrolling to the Action Required Box.

This will also play an alarm noise.

You will be required to hit the acknowledge button to turn the noise off.

How to deal with an issue?

If an exhibitor reports one of your students to an issue. Within the Action Required window, which only appears when there is an issue. You will see the conversation that has been reported

To open the conversation, click on the icon on the right-hand side of the conversation snippet.

This will open up the conversation

At the bottom of the screen, a new box will appear called 'What's the issue?'. This is the reason why the exhibitor has reported this user. They are required to fill this in, without doing so they cannot report the user.

To see the entire thread of conversation on the user, please turn off 'Auto-scroll on new message'. You should then be able to scroll up the conversation thread.

Please investigate the issue, you have two options,

Allow to Continue

This will allow for the conversation to continue between the user and exhibitor.

Block Conversation

If you feel this conversation should stop, you can block the conversation which closes the chat feature for this specific interaction.

What does blocking a conversation mean?

If you choose to block a conversation this active conversation will be archived for both company and user. It will disable the ability for them to continue talking to each other on this specific conversation.

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