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Your dashboard is one of the main areas on our platform. It is packed full of features to help you create a stunning School Stand to wow your customers.

Schools have two dashboards. School Overview Dashboard & School Stand Dashboard.
This article covers the School Overview Dashboard.

Your Main Bar

These icons are your quick navigation to various areas of the site. These include (starting from the left)

School Overview

Top Right is your School Logo. Learn how to change your school logo. Learn how to do this

Have a Look Around Yourself

We have given you access to have a look around yourself. You have all the same access as our customers. There are certain tools not available to you as you are a school, learn more

Customise Your School Stand

We provide your schools their own stand that they can have to speak to users and answer any questions or queries a user may have. To learn how to use your stand and customise, click here

Your Analytics

We provide your schools up to date analytics throughout the event. These are updated every 30 seconds to ensure that you have the most up to date information.

We have other areas that drive analytics, click to learn more

School Code

Each school is given a unique code to allow students and users to gain access to our platform. The code is unique to your school only. Anyone that uses this specific code you will see in your Student Overview.

Why do we have a school code?

Our platform is on the web and is open access to anyone to view. We take safeguarding and security seriously at Love Your Career, so as a safeguarding measure we only allow sign up who have permission to access this service via schools. Companies and Exhibitors go through our internal sign-up process and application process to ensure that they are safe and worthy of being on our platform.

To copy the code to your clipboard click the copy code button. You'll be able to paste in any desired location.

Note: This code is case sensitive and so ensure you copy the code exactly as you see it.

Student Overview

This will show all your students that are currently connected and signed up to use Love Your Career. You can have a look at each student's activity on the platform and so much more, click to learn more.

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