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Welcome to the Main Lobby. Here is where you will start your Love Your Career Process. Here is an overview of how this page works.

Main bar

This is the go-to navigation where you can get around the lobby and all areas very quickly.

From going left to right these are what each does:

  • Return to the main lobby

  • Go to exhibitor Hall

  • Go to the webinar platform

  • Go to the theatre

  • Search company and webinars

Our search function allows you to search for companies and webinars quickly and easily. These works outside your future study or career interests, so if you have a company in mind specifically you can find it here!

Welcome Bar and what to do

This is a handy little welcome and if you have anything specific to do it can be found here.

The first time you visit our platform you will be asked to view our how-to and welcome video. Once you have viewed this it will disappear from your lobby to do.

You can close this window at any time by hitting the close button. It will also auto-hide after 1min if there is outstanding jobs to do or 30 seconds if there is nothing to do.

Main menu and technical support

This is how you can get to various areas on your profile. This includes your profile to change your preferences, Future Study and Career Interests, your inbox, briefcase, schedule and favourites.

We also have a technical support widget where you can gain access to articles that will help you use our platform.

If you cannot find an answer you can contact the technical team at any time, who will be available on chat during the event times.

Main screen

This is the main lobby, there is three areas of interest.

  • The theatre

  • Webinars

  • Exhibitor Hall

Ok desktop you can click in any of these areas and it will navigate you to these specific areas

On mobile, all navigation will be located at the bottom of the screen

Live Events Timetable & Inbox

You can get quick access to all the Live events taking place at any time via the live events timetable button always located on the bottom right of the screen. Click on this to open up a window to see what is currently happening in the theatre.

Inbox, every time a new message comes you will hear a notification noise and the inbox button will show how many unread messages you have. Imagine it like emails.

You can get instant access to your inbox by clicking the inbox button always located on the bottom right-hand side.

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