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Learn the 'Powerful Tools' available to Users | exhibitors

Standard users of Love Your Career are given three powerful tools to help them get the most out of the platform. These 'tools' enable the user to save items, set favourites and make their own schedule.

Note: Exhibitors when you have a look around yourself, at this time these Tools are not available to you


This is like a collection basket. This allows the user to save a variety of different items into their own area where they can read, download and watch at any time.

The items that can be saved in their briefcase are:

  • Any downloadable documents by Exhibitors

  • Any videos provide by Exhibitors

  • Webinars

Set Schedule

During our event, we will have a series of live Q&A events taking place throughout the event. Users can set specific events to their schedule so they can keep track of upcoming events.

Set Favourites

If a user finds a specific Exhibitor interesting and would like to keep it to have another look later, they can do so by saving the exhibitor to their favourites.

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