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Inbox is one of the main areas on our platform. It's the main communication between you the exhibitor. To start a conversation simply click on the conversation to open the conversation window to start communicating with an exhibitor.

If a purple Circle appears on the top left by the exhibitor's logo, this indicates an unread message. Click on the user to open up the conversation window.

How to Archive a conversation

Please note conversation can only be started during the actual event times.

Start a new conversation within your inbox

To start a conversation within your inbox, Click 'Send a new message'

Start a new conversation from the exhibitor stand

Within the exhibitor stand, you can engage in a conversation with them instantly by pushing the 'Chat with us' button.

This will open the chat feature to start asking a question.

Start a new conversation from your Favourites section

Within your favourites area, hover over each company and you can directly ask a question from here.

Just hit 'Ask a Question' to get started

Learn how to communicate with an exhibitor

Once you have started communication with an exhibitor, your conversation thread will appear in your inbox. You can return to any conversation from your main inbox

To engage in a conversation simply click on the conversation thread and it will open the chat window.

On the left-hand side, you can see your original question and which exhibitor you are talking to.

During the event an exhibitor will have someone that you can talk to, after the event, you may not receive a response.

When you write a message click the send button to send your conversation.

Don't forget!

Make sure you keep your conversations informative and to the point so the exhibitor can help.

Archive a conversation

If you have finished asking your questions to an exhibitor and want to clean up your inbox, you can archive conversations.


When you archive a conversation you will not be able to talk to that exhibitor anymore on this specific conversation. If you have another question, please start a new conversation thread.

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