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Inbox is one of the main areas on our platform. It's the main communication between you the exhibitor and the customer. Any new conversations that appear will show here. Simply click on the conversation to open the conversation window to start communicating with the user.

To get started here is a quick overview of your Inbox Page

Learn how to access your Dashboard

Active and Assignment Filters

You can filter between Active Conversations and conversations that have been archived.

To learn more about Active vs Archive, click here

You can filter down your inbox by conversations assigned by specific team members

To assign conversations to specific team members, Click here

The Inbox

Your inbox provides you with some insight automatically by providing the user's name and their original question.

If a purple Circle appears on the top left by the user's name, this indicates an unread message. Click on the user to open up the conversation window.

The inbox is automatically refreshed every 15seconds. Last Update time is indicated on the top right.

If you encounter an issue with your inbox not updating, simply refresh the page.

Conversation Window

The conversation window provides helpful insight to the specific user which can help break the ice between you and them.

To learn more about the conversation window and how to use it, click here

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