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There are two options when on your inbox, it doesn't matter if you're a standard user/exhibitor or school it works the exact same way.

Here are some key questions to help understand the differences:

What is Active?

Active simply means that the conversation is Live and a user and a company can still communicate with each other.

What is Archive?

Archive is when a conversation has been closed by a Student, Exhibitor or School, this could be for a number of reasons:

  • The conversation between the user and Exhibitor has ended

  • The question has been answered

  • It's an old conversation that no longer needs to be in your 'active' area

  • The conversation has been reported to the school and it's been deemed unsuitable for the conversation to continue (Decided by user's School)

When a user/exhibitor/school archives a conversation, it will close the thread and archive this conversation for both the user and the selected exhibitor. Keeping both workspaces clear for active conversations.

How do I archive a conversation?

To Archive a conversation you simply hit the archive button that is located at the top of your conversation window. It may look like the following two buttons, depending on who you are:

Archive Icon: For standard Users

Archive Chat Button: For Exhibitors

I've accidentally archived a conversation how do I re-enable it?

You cannot re-active a conversation. At this time you will need to create a new conversation with the exhibitor.

If you feel this is a feature that you would like to see, please do let us know.

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