Advising the future careers of students

Love You Career giving you the networking platform

for students to engage in their future


Built for Students

Our Platform offers Students the chance to talk to career advisors, companies and possibly further education

Providing Career Advice to the community

We have a dedicated Parents Centre for all other enquiries for Student family members and general public

Our Career Fair is

100% Virtual

Our entire platform is 100% virtual with live chat features, webinars, live Q&A Events and live company stands.

Helping users get on the career ladder

We have a inbuilt chat system where students and users can talk to companies directly 1 to 1 about their career possibilities

Live Q&A Events

During our events, we will have live Q&A Events with our hosts. These events are pre-recorded with a live chat and answer throughout the event

Our Webinars Platform

We have a fully customised webinar platform collating and presenting career-based, interesting and engaging videos about getting onto the career ladder and more!

Users Personalise your experience

We have built our platform to ensure that you can personalise your lobby to what you are interested in. Learn how to best customise your experience when using our platform. 

Key benefits


Kickstart the conversation

Networking opportunity including in-built chat features between a student and a company. Communicate, share and inspire the next generation of adults

Professional Look and Feel 

Our entire lobby and company stands are loaded with features that students can interact with. Providing the professional look of a real-life Career Fair on your computer or mobile screen

Favourite, Save & Download later 

When you enter our Lobby you are given three amazing features

  • Your Favourites - Save a company in your favourites and view them whenever you like 

  • Your Briefcase - Seen some documents or webinars that you want to watch later? Save them to your briefcase and view/download them whenever you like

  • Your Schedule - Seen a Live Event your interested, save it to your schedule and get reminded when the event goes live

Customise your user experience 

You decide what you want to see in your lobby, with customised search filtering to only show you what you are interested in as a future career or study

Caring not only for the student

Love Your Careers will also have a section within our Lobby and on our platform for the parents and guardians of the student. Where they can to can get advice and information about possible careers.

Built for Student, Schools and Companies

Love Your Careers on the face is for students, but it is also a great resource for schools to learn more about their students in what they are interested in. This is a powerful tool for companies to understand what works in possible employee engagement and see what the next generation are interested in.

Powerful Tools to Use

Companies | Schools

Companies | Schools

You have the Paintbrush 

With our platform, you can build and customise how your Stand works, looks and feels. You can make sure that your Company/University/College/School looks the best it can with a variety of different features: 

  • Downloadable Assets (Documents etc)

  • Personalised videos

  • Providing Images

  • Customisable content (deciding what you want to show)

  • Live Chat functions

  • External email capabilities 

  • Work Experience and Job Vacancies Boards for Students and Adults


Companies | Schools

Analytics to understand your Stand & Assets

We track and analysis everything on our platform to ensure that you get the most out of your Stand and Products. You can see in realtime how many people do the following with our live reporting: 


  • How many users visit your stand

  • How many conversations you have engaged with 

  • How many users download your assets 

  • How many users save your assets to view later (via their Briefcase) 

Companies | Schools

Communication is the first step 

Have full engaging conversations with interested students about your company/university/college/school with our in-built chat feature. 

Don't worry you will not be overwhelmed with all users here is the catch. To start a conversation the students needs to engage with you first, its the first step of the career ladder, communication and networking.

Also, you can control when you want to open your chat facility during our events using toggle features located on your dashboard 


Schools only

Analyse your Students

Learn about your student's activity and what they are interested in. We offer a powerful analytical tool to help understand each of your students in your school. You can find out these key features about each student: 


  • Find out what they are interested in,

  • Which companies they have engaged with 

  • Assets they have read and viewed during the event