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Live Event 

Live events take place in our virtual theatre

We will be hosting 10 live Q&A Events throughout the day on 3rd March 2021, with a variety of different representatives from across the UK talking you through a range of topics and answering your questions.


These will take place in the Theatre, which you can access from the lobby or by using the navigation bar.

We recommend catching the topics you’re interested in live so you can take part in the Q&A chat, but you can easily catch-up on any sessions in Webinars Career Must Have's after they’ve aired too.


The webinars will be available to view 24/7, so feel free to log back in another time and catch-up or re-watch, don't forget you can add them to your briefcase!

*Please note this timetable is subject to change, we recommend checking final timings the week of the event.



CEO - Optimising Futures - Keynote Speaker


We are especially pleased to open our Careers Fair today with a talk from Jane Marshall.  Jane has worked for more than 20 years advising students both in the UK and Europe about their university courses. A former Student Recruitment Officer at Imperial College she now owns her own successful company, Optimising Futures. Check out her website. Listen to her advice about the importance of choosing the right GCSEs to lead you onto the next stage of your career journey.



Managing Director - Bidtank


As an entrepreneur, Alex has used his business acumen to create his own successful company - Bidtank. Did he study business at Isleworth & Syon? What does his company do? Watch his presentation to find out more.



Actuary - Aviva


It is often said that the Actuarial Profession makes even accountancy look interesting?! An Actuary is a specialist who uses lots of mathematical formulas to make predictions. It is also a career which includes lots of exams post your degree course, however the benefits are huge. Malali left Heathlands to study for her degree and she is now training to become an actuary with the insurance company, Aviva. To follow this career you need to love statistics and figures, but what else attracted Malali to this profession?



Investment Manager - Brewin Dolphin 


Callum has spoken at career events a few times at his old school, Heathlands. This year he agreed to record his talk and to try to dispel some myths about a career as an investment manager. What does he do on a day to day basis?



Apprentice - CISCO


After leaving Cranford Community College Devyani decided to opt for the apprenticeship route. Listen to her discussing her training and the benefits of doing an apprenticeship with top company CISCO. Find out about the day in the life of an apprentice…………….



Free Lance Artist 


Hannah’s art teachers at The Green School were always impressed with her talent. Now just out of university Hannah’s art work is so impressive she has already been working with professionals and showing her work. Watch her talk and view her beautiful designs.



Senior Garment Technologist - New Look


After leaving The Green School Charlotte attended Wimbledon School of Art going onto to Bristol UWE to study for a BA in Fashion Design. After graduating with First Class Honours she studied Innovative Pattern Cutting and has since worked for White Stuff as well as the Arcadia Group. Find out more about her role with New Look which includes working globally with other countries.



Network Engineer - BT


Amrita often gets asked if her job as a Network Engineer for BT takes her out on site, even climbing up poles! Well her studies at Cranford Community College didn’t prepare her to climb trees, however it did help her to make a decision about her post 18 course. Listen to her story about what a day as a Network Engineer actually involves.



Student Teacher 


Kirsty left The Green School in 2010 and went to Loughborough University to study English Literature. This was followed by a Master’s Degree at UCL. She never considered teaching. Find out what she did decide to do and why she decided to enter the teaching profession.



Account Director - Elmwood Design Agency


In 2010 Ally left university with a degree in Graphic Design. She is now doing a diploma in Human Resource Management (looking after employees in the workplace) whilst working as an Account Director in a Consultancy Company. Does she use her artistic skills as well as her people skills at work? Listen to her story and find out.



Senior Finance Advisor - Shell 


Seema loves Mathematics. She left The Green School Sixth Form in 2010 and went to King’s College London to study. Seema has now worked at Shell for seven years and her latest promotion to Senior Financial Advisor is linked to Renewable Energy. What is it like working across internationally?



Physiotherapist - NHS


Joe is an alumni from St Marks. His career journey has led him to work for the NHS in a specialist profession. Watch his presentation, see him working with real life patients and let him tell you why physiotherapy is such a great career.



Agency Sales Manager - Amazon


An English Language and Linguistics Degree led Charlotte to begin her career working for an International Finance Magazine and then the Financial Times. She now works as an Agency Sales Manager for the huge giant, Amazon. This seems very remote from studying A-level English Literature at The Green School and just proves how transferable our skills are. Find out what Charlotte does now.



Account Manager - Allison + Partners


Where does a geography degree take you? Sarah left The Green School Sixth Form and went to Leeds University in 2012. Part of her degree included a year at the University of Illinois in the USA. Her job includes writing reports, using data, making presentations and much more. Find out what skills she now uses in her career at Allison+Partners.



Commercial Pilot 


Find out more about the glamorous life of an airline pilot and the training process. What does a day in the life of a commercial pilot actually look like? And how did a Sixth Former from Heathlands School get onto this programme?



Finance Department - American Express 


After leaving Cranford Community College in 2012, Karishma went to study Economics at UCL. Her course included a year abroad at the University of California. Since 2016 she has worked for American Express and is now a Senior Finance Analyst. What is it like working for a huge international company? Listen to her presentation to find out more.



Medic at Imperial College 


What does it take to gain entry to a top medical school? Elissa didn’t even consider medicine until she reached her Key Stage 4 studies at The Green School. Her Medical Degree at Imperial College began in 2017 and she is now four years into her six year course. How did she achieve her goal and what are her top tips for you to begin to prepare for the same journey?



Technology Apprentice - Accenture 


After being offered at least two Degree Apprenticeship courses with top financial companies Teyah decided to take a gap year. She spent her time in Spain teaching English. On her return, she took up a place at business consultants, Accenture, training in Digital Technology, definitely a career of the future. Listen to her story, how she embarked on that journey and what a degree apprenticeship involves.