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Love Your Career

The Student Career Platform for providing insight to possible future jobs and careers

Love Your Career is a student career networking platform designed to connect students to companies and show the possibilities of future careers.

Designed with the student at the forefront we have built a virtual career fair with a full operational lobby, company display environments, a webinar platform and live theatre venue for Q&A Events.

Love Your Career was developed in 2020 during the covid pandemic to help engage students with career possibilities either being a company or to further education. 

Built for Students

Our Platform offers Students the chance to talk to career advisors, companies and possibly further education

Providing Career Advice to the community

We have a dedicated Parents Centre for all other enquiries for Student family members and general public

Users Personalise your experience

We have built our platform to ensure that you can personalise your lobby to what you are interested in. Learn how to best customise your experience when using our platform. 

Industries we cater for

Powerful Tools at your fingertips

Companies | Schools


Companies | Schools


your Stand / Page

With our platform, you can build and customise how your Stand works, looks and feels.



Companies | Schools

Analytics to understand your Stand & Assets

We track and analysis everything on our platform to ensure that you get the most out of your Stand and Products. Click to learn more


Companies | Schools

Communication is the first step 

Have full engaging conversations with interested students about your company/university/college/school with our in-built chat feature. 


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Analyse your Students

Learn about your student's activity and what they are interested in. We offer a powerful analytical tool to help understand each of your students in your school.